The VisiView H.264 DVR range is an integrated digital video recorder that offers a time lapse video/audio recorder, a multiplexer and a video server. 

It has exceptional picture quality and the ability to allow users to view live video, search and playback any recorded video by date/time or event, remotely monitor via the internet on PC’s/mobile devices and backup the configuration and video data, while the recording of the DVR is ongoing simultaneously.  

WITH V3i INTEGRATION, take complete control of the VisiView via your V3i/V-K keyboard, using our latest software, maintaining the security of your DVR in a locked server room. Central Management Software included with the VisiView (CMS) is a powerful and professional centralized monitoring system for Windows 10, Vista and 7. The feature packed intelligent surveillance software offers professional users complete and enhanced surveillance experiences.

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Model Options

All model options include 16 Channel H.264 / 400pps D1 real time at D1, DVDRW, IP camera support, pre-installed remote viewing software and 16x12 grid array motion detection.
  • Visiview-3TB-16: V3-DVR-3TB Visiview 3TB 

  • Visiview-6TB-16: V3-DVR-6TB Visiview 6TB 

  • Visiview-9TB-16: V3-DVR-9TB Visiview 9TB 

  • Visiview-12TB-16: V3-DVR-15TB  Visiview 12TB  

  • Visiview-18TB-16: V3-DVR-18TB  Visiview 18TB  

  • Visiview-21TB-16: V3-DVR-20TB  Visiview 21TB

  • Visiview-24TB-16: V3-DVR-24TB  Visiview 24TB  Please note on the 24TB DVR a DVD drive is not available, a USB memory stick or the remote viewing software should be used to export video.

Also Available-

  • Visiview-KBD 3-Axis keyboard for central DVR and dome control.


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Williams Electronics Limited trading as MOLYNX Systems.

Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) IECEx / ATEX (Baseefa ATEX 6818) by Baseefa Ltd. (Notified Body 1180)